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Women have always been trailblazers. And yet their public voices still remain in the minority. What if there was a home for the most accomplished female thought-leaders of our time in which Leadership, Innovation, Passion, Finance, Politics - even Spirituality and Comedy - were made available to the public via Keynote Speeches, Lectures, Workshops, and Consulting? What if the we made the voices of today's current Female Trailblazers even louder?  

Welcome to MINERVA: Outstanding Women Speakers, a place where powerful, thought-provoking, and original voices from across North America meet and exchange ideas, concepts, and content on a custom-basis. Our Trailblazing roster of Speakers and Practitioners represents more than just speakers. The amazing Women made available via our network of Change-makers and Thought Leaders allows us to present and create opportunities for one-of-a-kind events, regardless of theme, purpose, location, or budget. 

Whether you are seeking a powerful conference speaker, seminar speaker, university or college speaker, personal consultant, panelist, training session, workshop - you name it - we are proud to be North America's premier source for female leaders. MINERVA: Outstanding Women Speakers is dedicated to connecting your organization with the absolute best and brightest of our time. Take a look around, and then give us a call to speak with one of our event planners about your next great event.

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Trail Blazing Speakers

Carolyn Kepcher

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Carolyn Bennett

Addiction and recovery story, as well as a stand-up comic.

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Rona Maynard

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Dr. Holly Atkinson

A physician and award-winning medical journalist, Atkinson is editor in chief of HealthNews, the consumer health newsletter ...

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